Our Board

Our Board

The River City Gems is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who are dedicated to serving the transgender community and nurturing the River City Gems vision and purpose.

Membership Coordinator



Christy joined the River City Gems in 2019. She has attended many Gems events and truly enjoys meeting and getting to know other members of the community. She loves tennis, golf, hiking and going out with her girlfriends. She joined the Board in 2021, taking on the role of Membership Coordinator. Then in 2023 she took on the role of president. Christy hopes to continue the mission of the organization to provide a safe and welcoming place for members of the transgender community.

Anne Upton


Vice President

Anne is one of the original members of River City Gems. Over the years she has assisted in many behind the scene activities before stepping into the Vice President position. She is also an active member and volunteer with HRC (Human Rights Campaign), helping with their Pride booth. Anne is involved as well with the National Center for Transgender Equality, where over the years she has helped with coordinating some of their lobbying efforts with our state politicians. Needless to say Anne loves to work behind the scenes and is active in local politics, and if that’s not enough Anne volunteered during Covid at the LGBT Center in Sacramento, doing Covid-19 testing and vaccination at schools.

Anne is also a successful business owner and member of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, and she loves cooking her famous Tri-Tip BBQ which she has served at many local Car Club events. She has a supportive family and loves spending time with her grandkids.




Pauline joined the River City Gems in 2009, and has been the Treasurer since 2011. An accountant by trade, she possesses degrees in accounting and finance and has had a long career in both industry and governmental accounting. She is pleased to have this opportunity to use the skills she has developed during her career to support the River City Gems.

A lifelong resident of Northern Californian, Pauline enjoys gaming, history, music, science fiction, good food and traveling. She is also active in the local trans* community and strongly supports greater economic opportunity and access to healthcare services for trans* people.




Debby has been a member of the Gems since 2011 and fully credits the Gems with making her life so much better! It was the Gems that coaxed her to take those first steps out of the door and the warm, caring and friendly reception she received was a turning point in her life. Now, with her circle of Gems friends, Debby enjoys going to concerts, the theatre, shopping(!), and anywhere else there is to go.

She brings to the office of secretary her experience gained from a career in the military and her experience as an attorney. She is an advocate for trans* rights and open trans* military service. She enjoys outdoor sports from cycling to surfing and spends way too much money on makeup! She hopes to be able to “pay it forward” during her service on the Gems board.



Activities Director

Tree has her roots firmly planted with the Gems. Her branches are many, which shade those that need protection. She has been attending Gems events since February 2012, and has served on the Sparkle committee for the last seven years.

Tree has twenty five years of experience working with the disabled and with disadvantaged children and adults. She is an avid sports fan, and by some accounts, a fanatic.

She shares her Gems experience with her husband for eternity, Rita. Listen to her laugh and you will have a window to her soul.