Privacy and Confidentiality

The River City Gems take your privacy, safety, and security very seriously.

We understand the privacy concerns of the transgender community. You are not required to give us your legal name, address, or telephone number in order to become a member or participate in our events. If you do choose to provide us with any personally identifiable information, it will be kept strictly confidential. Only certain board members have access to your membership application and membership records.

We will never divulge your identity or personal details to anyone without your permission. We do need a way to contact you, so if you have concerns about using your primary email address, we recommend you establish a free email account with a service such as Gmail or Yahoo, and use this for your correspondence with us. We will never send mail to your home, or call you on the phone, unless you authorize it, and we will honor any special contact instructions you give us. We do not sell or exchange membership lists or email addresses with other organizations.

We also have clear guidelines concerning photos taken at our events. Many of our members and guests enjoying taking pictures of themselves and their friends, and this is encouraged. However, we ask that all photographers please get permission before taking anyone’s picture. Photographs may not be posted on the internet, published, or shared without permission from each person in the photo. Please be respectful of others’ wishes when using your camera at our gatherings.