Gems Love

When You Walk in the Door, You Will Feel the Love

I joined the Gems in 2009 as a very closeted crossdresser who did NOT accept herself and had never been out of the front door. With the support, love, friendship and caring of this group, a year later I finally totally accepted Cheryle into my life and it was one of the proudest and happiest things I have ever done.

After joining I quickly realized that I had to give back to this fantastic group, so I volunteered to help at all of the events, which was so gratifying. After a period of time I was asked to be the Gems Ambassador, a role in which I could meet and greet new people, and answer whatever questions they had. I also attended the Drab Gabs which I feel are vital as a gateway to the Gems for new people.

I went from an introvert to an extrovert because of the people in this group. I now go wherever I want as Cheryle, hold my head up high, have no fear, and if others have a problem it’s theirs, not mine. I have never in my life had as many dear friends as I have now. I even met my wife, Bobbie Jo who is also transgender, after a Gems event and after 2 years of dating we were married in a true transgender wedding with many Gems in attendance and our own Marla as my matron of honor.

I can’t say enough about the love and support this group offers the TG community. You just have to find the courage to step out of that closet and come to one of our events, and when you walk in the door you will feel the love.

-Cheryle fromYuba City

Freedom to be myself


The all-inclusive River City Gems gave me the freedom to be myself and find my own way. I will always be grateful for that, and for the Gems’ creative and cheerful celebrations that we all can share year in and year out, that help to keep us all connected in our different walks and ways of life. And I am grateful for both the simple companionship and deeper sense of real belonging that I have felt here. I am proud to be a part of it.

-Tilda fromCameron Park