It’s Your Time to Shine. Discover Sacramento’s Social Group for Transgender Women

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River City Gems Drab Gab Lunch

A group that meets for support, friendship, and discussion. This event happens on the fourth Friday of every month. Attendees are...
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Latest News

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Anniversary Party

10 Years Anniversary Party

Break out the bubbly! The Gems is 10 years old! Join us for a special Anniversary Party at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Sacramento on March 10
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Looking for friends, fun, and support?

You’re in the right place! The River City Gems are a nonprofit social and support group serving the crossdressing and transgender community of Northern California. We are based in Sacramento and have members from the Central Valley, the Bay Area, the Sierra Nevada, and neighboring states.

In Their Own Words

  • Truly Life-Changing


    So few events in my life do I consider truly life-changing. Joining the Gems is clearly one of them. Through this loving community, I learned to not only accept but to embrace and celebrate my true self. By welcoming new members at the Drab Gabs each month, I feel privileged to give others this same opportunity. I am so thankful for having the Gems in my life.

    -Sharon fromSacramento
  • Like a Dream Come True


    I went to Sparkle last year and joined for the first time after that event. It has been all upwards since then. I love the group and the events are the best. I have made new friends and we meet up in downtown Sacramento. Everyone in the group is friendly and lots of fun. I am 67 and only started going out a few years ago. The Gems is like a dream come true. It is nice to know you are not alone out there.

    -Jane fromModesto
  • A Safe Haven


    The Gems has been the beginning for me as Rita. I have found friends and support from the girls. I was full of trepidation when I attended my first event! Now being en femme feels so natural, so right for me. I have found a safe haven with the Gems. I have the support and understanding of my spouse who has become a rock for the other GGs (genetic females) who attend Gems events. I hope if you read this you too will find a place for your beginning.

    -Rita fromSacramento
  • Freedom to be myself


    The all-inclusive River City Gems gave me the freedom to be myself and find my own way. I will always be grateful for that, and for the Gems' creative and cheerful celebrations that we all can share year in and year out, that help to keep us all connected in our different walks and ways of life. And I am grateful for both the simple companionship and deeper sense of real belonging that I have felt here. I am proud to be a part of it.

    -Tilda fromCameron Park

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